Client Service Agreement

Wedding Ceremony

This Agreement is made on this ________ day of ____________ 20___

BETWEEN : Nexustech Pty Ltd (Louisa Bryar Celebrant), of PO Box 193 Woombye 4559 {Celebrant}

AND : ________________________________

AND : ________________________________ {Parties}

The Parties and the Celebrant agree to the terms and condition set out below.

1. Marriage Ceremony Details :

Alternative venue if weather inclement :

(2 hours prior notice of the change of venue is required)

2. Ceremony Script:

As agreed in writing by the Parties and Celebrant prior to the above wedding day.

3. The Celebrant Agrees:

a. To provide Registered Marriage Celebrant services to the Parties in accordance with the Code of Practice for Marriage Celebrants. Available on request from the Attorney Generals Office
b. To attend and conduct the marriage ceremony at the agree time, date and place.
c. If the Celebrant is unable to conduct the ceremony for any reason, the parties will be advised as soon as practicable and all reasonable efforts will be made by the Celebrant to assist in the parties to arrange for the ceremony to be completed by another registered marriage celebrant.
d. If the Celebrant is unable to perform the marriage ceremony:
  1. Any refund or part refund of fees paid by the Parties to the Celebrant will be made in accordance with the terms and conditions on the Celebrant’s invoice; and
  2. The Celebrant will pass the Notice of Intention to Marriage to the replacement marriage celebrant, in a timely and appropriate manner (Refer to clauses below)

4. The Parties Agree :

a. Fees:
  1. To pay the Celebrant Fees in accordance with the invoice provided, namely;
  2. A non-refundable $50 deposit.
  3. 50% (less any fees already paid) of the remaining balance prior to the lodgement of the Notice of Intention to Marry
  4. Balance of all remaining fees, cleared in the celebrants bank account no later than 7 days prior to the wedding day.
  5. An invoice will be issued based on the agreed Ceremony. Should changes be made after the issue, then the Parties will be liable for any additional costs incurred.
  6. Acknowledgement that if full payment has not been made to the Celebrant in accordance with these terms then the Celebrant will not attend the ceremony.
b. Documentation:
  1. To Provide the Celebrant with all original documentation requested no later than 48 hours prior to the wedding day, including any accredited translated documentation request by the Celebrant. This is to be provided at the Parties own expense.
  2. That if the Parties fail to provide all documentation requested to the Celebrant no later than 48 hours prior to the wedding day, the Celebrant will not attend the ceremony or provide commitment (non legal) ceremony instead.
c. Ceremony
  1. To advise the Celebrant immediately in writing of any changes to the time, date or place of the marriage ceremony. The Celebrant reserves the right to terminate the agreement and retain the booking fee/ deposit should she be unable to conduct the ceremony due to the change.
  2. If the ceremony is to be changed to the alternative venue due to the inclement weather, or any other reason, then one of the Parties is to inform the Celebrant personally by telephone by a time nominated by the Celebrant ( 2 hours) in writing to ensure that the celebrant has sufficient time to travel to the alternative venue.
  3. If the change the of venue results in additional travel costs the parties accept liability for additional charges.
  4. To advise the Celebrant as soon as practicable if either parties is taking prescribed medication which may change their demeanour during the marriage ceremony.
  5. Notice of cancellation of ceremony must be given to the Celebrant in writing, and the Celebrant reserves the right to retain the booking fee/ deposit and other amounts paid.
  6. That the celebrant reserves the right to leave the place of the marriage ceremony 30 minutes after the agreed start time if both parties have not arrived or the ceremony cannot proceed for any reason outside of the Celebrants control.
  7. That if the ceremony is delayed through no fault of the Celebrant which results in the Celebrant incurring extra charges such as parking fees, the Parties will pay the Celebrant’s further costs prior to the Ceremony commencing.
  8. That in the event of delays set out in the above clauses, the Parties will liaise with the Celebrant to mutually agree on a time and place for the Celebrant to solemnise the marriage for an extra fee payable in advance.
d. Equipment
  1. That the use of the Celebrants PA system is subject to favourable weather and environmental conditions and will not be used in any circumstances where the PA system or Celebrant may be exposed to harm, either by person or persons or the elements.
  2. The where the Celebrant’s PA system is used, the Celebrant undertakes to use her best endeavours to ensure that the PA system is fully charged, functional and tested prior to the ceremony, however if the Parties acknowledge that inanimate equipment may malfunction from time to time and should the PA fail at any time prior, during or after the ceremony, the Celebrant will not be held responsible.
  3. The Celebrant can provide a (standard) signing table a chairs at the request of the parties.
e. Undertakings
  1. The parties undertake to provide the Celebrant with accurate information, and acknowledge that there are penalties for making false declarations.
  2. It is the responsibilities parties to arrange and pay for any permits or fees (as applicable) for the use of any public or private site for the ceremony.

5. Acknowledgements

a. Workplace Health and Safety Act 2011
  1. The Parties acknowledge that:
  2. Under the Celebrants responsibilities contacted in the Workplace Health and Safety Act 2011, the Celebrant will not conduct the ceremony at a location which, in the Celebrants sole opinion, is dangerous or would place any persons attending the ceremony at risk of harm or injury; and
  3. Following receipt of the signed Notice of Intention to Marry (NOIM) the celebrant will inspect the site as soon as practical and confirm to the Parties in writing no later than two weeks from the date of the NOIM whether the site is safe or poses a risk; and
  4. If it is impractical for the Celebrant to inspect the site within two weeks from the date of the NOIM, the parties will mutually agree in writing a revised extended date for inspecting and reporting on the safety of the site; and
  5. If the Celebrant fails to advise the Parties in writing within two weeks of receiving the NOIM or agreed extended period, that the site poses a risk to any person attending the ceremony, the will deemed to be safe.
b. Replacement Marriage Celebrant
  1. The Parties acknowledge that before the marriage can be solemnised by a replacement marriage celebrant, the replacement marriage celebrant is required to sigh all original documents that the Celebrant sited, such as Birth Certificates, divorce and / or death certificates as appropriate, passport and/or drivers licences;
  2. The Parties undertake to ensure that the original documents are available at the venue to ensure a change of celebrant on their wedding has access to their documents, the minimum document being their passport and any divorce or death certificate as appropriate.
  3. If the replacement marriage celebrant is not able to sight the required original documentation, the marriage cannot be solemnised, and an alternative ceremony such as a commitment ceremony may be offered instead with the marriage being solemnised at a later time once all original documents has been sighted.
c. The Parties are not to arrive at the ceremony appearing to be inebriated or under the influence of any other substance, otherwise the Celebrant is lawfully not authorised to solemnise their marriage; and
  1. Judgement as to inebriation or the Parties being under the influence of any other substance is at the Celebrant’s sole judgement; and
  2. Their two official witnesses must be aged 18 or over and appear sober and not under the influence of any other substance in the sole judgment of the Celebrant, otherwise alternative official witnesses must be used.
  1. Environmental and other emergency restrictions
  2. Community, Health and other related restrictions
  3. Court imposed orders or directives.

Any such failure to meet these obligations may result in significant delays or a forfeiture of Celebrant services.

f. Signature of one marrying party alone to this Agreement shall be binding on the Parties.

6. Signatures :

Party 1: ____________________ Date: _________
Party 2: ____________________ Date: _________
Celebrant: ____________________ Date: _________